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Julie Morgan AM for Cardiff North

Work at Lisvane Reservoir - update

I have been in touch with Dwr Cymru after being contacted by several constituents concerned that current work at Lisvane Reservoir may disturb birds and wildlife.


Dwr Cymru has sent me the following explanation (April 30, 2020):


What is the work being carried out at the reservoir? 

The works currently going on include tree and vegetation clearance along the route of the new ditch alignment.  All works are being supervised by an Ecological Clerk of Works with a Watching Brief for bats and birds. 


Why is the work being carried out now?

The work that we are carrying out is essential works on a drainage system at the reservoir.  We must carry out these works to comply with health and safety provisions under the Reservoirs Act, and we are required to complete it by June. The work involves building a new drainage ditch away from the reservoir


What steps have been taken to minimise the impact on trees at the reservoir?

As the area is semi-natural woodland, we have been working with tree protection officer at Cardiff Council to carefully plan where and how we should carry out the work to minimise impact on trees and avoid impacting historic woodland.   We also undertook some pre clearance works prior to these current works starting to mitigate against the environmental risks. This included vegetation removal and clearance work to the existing ditch to drain the out the area.


Have any birds or bats been disturbed?

So far no nests have been located in any of the trees planned to be cleared; and the bat dawn survey concluded that no bats were using the trees as habitats. 


What will happen to the land after the work is complete?

Once the clearance work is complete the new ditch will be constructed and existing ditch backfilled. As part of the works we will be adding some environmental enhancements to mitigate against the impact of the work.