Julie Morgan AM for Cardiff North
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Julie Morgan AM for Cardiff North

Support for 86 bus 'lifeline' welcomed

Julie Morgan, AM for Cardiff North, has welcomed the news that Cardiff Council is allocating £750,000 to subsidise and protect bus routes in the city.

This follows a strong campaign by Cardiff North representatives - Julie Morgan, Anna McMorrin MP, Councillors Phil Bale and Graham Hinchey - to protect vital routes since all were contacted by constituents worried after Cardiff Bus announced plans to cut routes across the city.



Julie Morgan said: "Constituents have contacted me in their droves about potential cuts to bus routes. All four of us met first with Cardiff Bus then with Leader of Cardiff Council, Huw Thomas, and Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning & Transport, Caro Wild, to stress the devastating impact this would have on residents. We called on Cardiff Council to offer some funding to save key routes.

“I am so pleased that we have been able to help persuade the Council that routes such as the Number 86, which runs through north Cardiff, are lifelines for the communities that they run through. Not everyone has a car so it’s vital that older people, and young people who may not be able to afford the huge costs of car insurance, are not left stranded. We also need more people – not fewer – to get out of their cars and onto public transport so it is vital that we protect bus services to help do our part in combatting climate change.”