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Julie Morgan AM for Cardiff North

Over-60s bus pass renewals - deadline extended to February 29

More than half a million people in Wales have applied for a replacement bus pass since Transport for Wales first announced in September 2019 that Over-60s pass holders would need to renew their paper cards by Christmas.

So far 563,000 have applied and the vast majority have now receBus-pass-renewal-dropin-customer-Oct11-2019-600px.jpgived their new card. Some people needed help to renew online and attended my drop-in event for help with this in October (pictured right, a constituent at the drop in session along with a member of staff from Transport for Wales).

If you are one of those who hasn't yet received your replacement bus pass, the deadline for using the old passes has been extended to February 29, 2020. 

Bus operators have been contacted about this and drivers have been informed, and asked to remind customers to apply for their new cards as soon as possible when they travel with old-style green cards.

Help to renew your bus pass is still on hand

During the grace period to February 29th and beyond, bus pass holders can continue to contact Transport for Wales via the helpline number 0300 303 4240, or via a designated email travelcards@tfw.wales ​​​​​.